My name is Tara.  I am married with two wonderful daughters.  My oldest daughter is now working successfully in commercial insurance and the youngest one is in her first year college. I own and operate Tara Family daycare.  I have a safe, healthy and learning environment for the children.

     In my life, I’ve had two major positions that I held for several years. One is a family child care for fifteen years.  Children in my daycare are treated as if they are my own children. The idea is to give the children love, affection, and education that the parent could not give during the day. This has always been my passion as I love teaching children.

     As with all jobs, I have daily routines and responsibilities.  Since I help raising others’ children, I have several key responsibilities each day. I have to make sure my contracts are compliant with all local licensing requirements.

     My daily routines are equally as important as my general responsibilities for the year. My daily routines are what keep my business going. Children are in my child care from 5:00AM to 6:00PM. My daily routines in the morning include providing a warm breakfast and circle-time. Circle-time teaches them how to socialize and interact with each other with fun and interactive games. Afterwards the children have to do art projects and outside activities. Around 10:30AM they have a healthy snack prepared by myself. Later in the day, my teaching program educates the children with counting, alphabets, shapes, and colors. Throughout the day we have also have music time, which would help them learn how to dance and play a musical instrument. By noon they get ready for lunch. Every day I cook a fresh, healthy, and hot lunch. After lunch we have quiet time which would be a time for little ones to take a nap and the older ones to rest. In the later part of the day we would do more activities which include puzzles and other various educational games until the parents come to pick them up.

     All these activities and routines produce creativity which is essential to the child’s learning and individuality. During my job as a family daycare provider, I am not only caring for children, but I am also working as a partner with the children’s parents. This suits me well and fits perfect to my life during this time. Working with parents is one of the greatest pleasures of my job and seeing the product of my work; a happy and educated child. It is one of the most rewarding parts of my life.


Family Child Care